Input Sensor Type Temperature Range Resolution
J Type Fe / Con. 0-400șC 0.1 or 1șC
K Type Cr / A1 0-1200șC 1șC
R T Pt/Pt-Rh-13% 0-1600șC 1șC
R T D Type PT 100 Q -200șC to 400șC 0.1 or 1șC
Analog Type 4-20 mA / 0-10V
Mounting Flush panel mounting with fixed behind the panel

Display :

7 Segment LED display

Upper 4D ( RED ) shows process temperature ( PV )( 0.56)

Lower 4D ( GREEN ) shows set value of temperature (SV) (0.4)

Setting : By Key Pad
Selectable Parameters :

1. Set Point
2. Hysteresis (10șC)
3. Propotional band ( ±3, ±4 ,±6 ,±8ș )
4. Cycle Time ( 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 sec )
5. Manual reset ( -9 to 9șC )

Control Action : a. ON/OFF or time Propotioned selection
b. PID ( optional )
Output : relay or SSR Output
Single set or Dual set :

Second set point may be relative or independent ( Heating or Cooling ) Optionally third set point can be provided for application like screw interlock in extruders.

Automatic cold junction compensation for thermocouple type.
Individual LED's to indicate Relay status
Field Calibration for zero and span Software programmed lineariser
Sensor Break Protection ( relay OFF when sensor breaks )
Supply : 230 V/ 110 V ACœ10%, 50 Hz
Application :
Plastic Processing machinery 
Laboratory Testing equipments
Pvens & Fumace
Packaging machines
Textile Processing machinery

Model Series ATC-121 ATC-221 ATC-321
Size (mm) 96 x 96 72 x 72 96 x 48
Output (mm) 92 x 92 68 x 68 92 x 44
Depth (mm) 100 100 120
Mounting Flush panel mounting with size damps fixed behind the panel


Chiller Temperature Controller :

A special action for -50.0șC to 50.0șC range having independent setting for tember as well as delay time ( time m for which Comres- sor has to rest before restarting ) Hysteresis is also settable between 0.2șC to 9.9șC. The delay time is helpful in increasing the working life of the compressor. This is also available for two compressor ( independnet temperatures and the settings ) and three compressors.

Temperature Controller with Soak  :

For heat treatment application additional time setting time setting is available to ovan for the desired set time ( 0.999min ) after the temperature has reached the set value.

BOD Controllers :

For controller of ovan temperature below or above m ambient temperature. The heating or cooling relay will turn on depending on whether wt temperature is above below the ambient temperature. Second senior for sensing ambient temperature is provided. Both relays have independent hysteresis settings ( by keyboard ).

Temperature Controller With :

The facility is used in heat treatment or settable rate of rise of temp material testing equipments. Rate of rise is settable by keyboard from 0 to 10șC/min

Profile Temperature Controller :

This is useful in obtaining variable temperature profile in an ovan furnace for heat curing application. The time and temperature data can be led by the keyboard, control action can be on/off or time proportional. This is also useful for testing purpose in Laboratory ( Calibration bath ). 

PID Temperature Controller (Proportional, Integral & Derivative) :

This is useful for precise control of temperature in ovan, furrece, plastic machinery etc. when job requires high heating during initial period & low heating when temperature stabilizes. Derivative action overcomes sudden changes in temperature due to load changes, integral action corrects the accumulated error. 

Derivative time constant and integral time constant have to be set suitable for the machine whose temperature is to be controlled, initially, trial and error method is required to select these parameters, but once they are set the action gives better control of temperature. Relay output for control of contractor or pulse output for control of SSR is provided. Optionally 0-10V output can also be provided for control of SCR firing units.      

Controller with Analog Input :

This useful in application where transducer are used (i.e. load flow sensor, pressure sensor etc.) The can be -10V or 4-20mA D.C. Like in other controllers, single set point and two point models are available. These relays can also be used as alternative settings. Calibration through key board is possible.

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