We would like  to   introduce   ourselves,   ALFA INSTRUMENTS as Manufacturer of all types of Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Timers, Counters, Process Measurement, Totalizers & RPM Indicators.

The company has established her operations in the Ahmedabad city and looks forward to move into other strategic markets with a commitment to become a truly global company.

ALFA INSTRUMENTS  is committed to quality work and confident to meet the challenging demands of customers. Our Products are manufactured in different size and shapes. Our product range is like Digital Temperature controllers, Analog Temperature Controllers, Programmable Temperature Controllers, Digital Temperature Indicators, Digital Timers, Programmable Timers, Presettable Timers, Cycle Timers, Laundry Timers, Digital Presentable Counters, Programmable Presentable Counters, Batch counters, Lenght counters, Process Indicator, Flow Rate Indicators Cum Totalizers, Count Totalizers, Time Totalizers, RPM Indicators etc.

ALFA INSTRUMENTS  has Technically qualified and well-experienced persons head all the sections of manufacturing. Experienced supervisors and skilled technicians/operators are at their disposal. They ensure every manufacturing operation is carried out as per latest Quality System Management.

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